A Winning Way


Winning Way DVD

Ray Knight has broken and set records racing young birds on the north road with the NRCC this DVD tells all, a must have

Proven to get results!

This film is not a look at the pigeons bury a real how to race and win!

Ray Knight is usually the one firing the questions at the fancier but this time the camera is on him.

Over the years Ray has visited many champion racers through out Europe and has put together a ‘young bird system’ that has broken and set records in championship racing with young pigeons in todays fierce competition taking many, many multiple positions at open level!

This film reveals every thing that you need to know about racing young birds at the highest level, from loft design, weaning, feeding, training, the dreaded ‘young bird sickness’ and how he deals with it and more importantly how to win races.


ALL FOR ONLY £25 inc. p&p.